Plumbing checklist for spring..Six things to do now

Spring is here! That means gardening, outdoor parties, and prepping the pool for summer fun. As you plan your spring cleaning list, don't forget about the plumbing in your home. Here are few reminders:

Sump pump: Spring brings many days of rain. Be sure your sump pump is ready to tackle substantial amounts of rainfall. A quick way to check your sump pump is to unplug the unit, plug it back in, and listen for a gurgling sound or vibration when the unit is back on. Next, find the float or sump pump sensor in the basin and lift it up. If the sump pump turns on, the system is working properly. 

Water heater: If your storage water heater is older than seven years old, it's time to get it checked to be sure it is working efficiently. Signs you might need a new water heater are: Low water pressure, gurgling noises, or infrequent hot water.

Hoses: Spring is a great time to check supply hoses for leaks. Check appliances such as your dishwasher and washing machine. We recommend using stainless steel hoses.

Faucets: According to the EPA, a leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. Check the faucets in your home to be sure there are no leaks and the fixtures are working properly.

Mineral deposits on shower head: Indianapolis is one of the top cities in the U.S. with hard water. That means your shower head will likely be covered with scaly mineral deposits. If you are not ready to replace the shower head, vinegar and water solution is a great way to remove all that yucky buildup.

Drains: Sometimes do-it-yourself fixes do not work to clear a stubborn drain clog. If water is draining slowly in your shower or bathtub, you are experiencing a clog that needs immediate attention. 

The experts at L.D. Smith Plumbing know how to put water back in its place - and keep it there. Request an appointment to solve your urgent plumbing problem.