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DH071/DR071 | DH151/DR151 | DH152/DR152 | DH272/DR272 | DH502/DR502 | WH101/WR101 | WH101F/WR101F | WH231/WR231 | WH471/WR471 | WH472/WR472 | WH482/WR482 | WH483/WR483 | WH484/WR484 | W Series Fiberglass | Gatorgrinder | IH091

Nobody likes a cold shower.

At least not anybody normal.

Take $150 off a storage tank water heater and $300 off tankless water heaters.

Hard water is a BIG problem in Indianapolis. We have a solution.

Indianapolis is among the top cities in America with the hardest water. If left untreated, it could cost you thousands in plumbing repair and appliance replacement – much earlier than normal. Living in Indianapolis, you know spotty dishes, scaly build up on faucets and clogged plumbing are consequences of living in a city with hard water. 

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