What is keeping your drain clogged?

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When water drains slowly out of your sink, shower, or bathtub, there’s a problem. It’s likely a clogged drain. It always happens at the most inconvenient time and leaves you wondering what could have caused it. Lance, the owner of L.D. Smith Plumbing, shared some of the common culprits that lead to a clogged drain on Life.Style.Live! on WISH-TV in Indianapolis. Watch the video below:

Common culprits causing a clogged drain

Grease: This is the most common reason for kitchen drain clogs. Once grease is poured down the drain, it hardens. Keep dumping grease down the drain day after day, and blockage happens. The best way to dispose of grease is to let it cool and toss it in the garbage.

Hair: Even with a stopper, hair often finds its way down the drain. Eventually, those strands clump together to cause a clog.  

Disposable wipes/hygiene products: Unlike toilet tissue, disposable wipes and hygiene products do not break down when flushed and easily clog your pipes and sewer line.

Tree roots: If you live in an older home, more than likely, tree roots will create problems in your pipes. Trees need moisture and water to survive, and if they are close enough to your property, they will seek those nutrients in your pipes and sewer system. Roots will wrap around whatever is in its path, including your pipes.

Best solutions for clogged drains

Sometimes a plunger or home remedies aren’t enough to clear a drain permanently. A good plumber is needed to resolve the issue. One treatment is drain clearing, which quickly breaks up the clog. Often particles remain, and, for many homeowners, the clogs return. Hydro jetting is one of the best ways to remove all those left-over particles to clear the drain completely if a conventional drain cleaning doesn't do the trick or if the line is full of sludge/grease.

A camera inspection also enables plumbers to determine the best solution to clear your pipes once and for all. 

Plumbing hacks: True or False?

Have you seen the latest trending topic about resetting your water heater if there's no hot water? What about the hack to use a plunger to remove any item from your sink? Lance Smith, owner of L.D. Smith Plumbing, separated fact from fiction when it comes to those and other hacks on social media. He visited Fox59's Indy Now recently to play a game of True or False with the hosts. Watch Lance's full interview here.

True or False: Reset your water heater when there's no hot water. FALSE

Resetting your water heater has its risks because of the electrical components involved. If you keep resetting it due to no hot water, it means there is a significant problem that needs to be addressed by a plumber.

True or False: Turn off all toilets in your home before leaving on vacation to eliminate the risk of a water emergency. TRUE

Yes, you can turn off the toilets, but an easier solution is turning off the main water shut-off valve, typically located outside the home. The main water shut-off valve supplies water to your entire home.

Use a plunger to unclog a sink. TRUE

Lance says a plunger is a great solution for most clogs in showers, sinks, and bathtubs. He recommends plungers with a plastic handle.

Need a plumber? Request an appointment with L.D. Smith Plumbing. Our latest deals include $50 off any plumbing repair, $300 off tankless water heaters, and $150 off a water softener installed. Review all coupons here.

When one flush is not enough

With families spending more time at home, you learn quickly if the toilet is not working properly. Maybe it's multiple flushes to get everything down the drain, or frequent use of the plunger when things just aren't moving. This is a common problem. In fact, an easy solution could be a pressure-assist toilet. These toilets are much powerful than standard models and use less water.

Pressure-assist toilets are often found in commercial properties, but they are becoming common in residential homes. Drainage systems can't handle the current flow of standard toilets, which is the reason for the double, even triple, flush most people experience.

Unlike standard or gravity-flow, toilets, a pressure-assist toilet has a bladder inside of the standard toilet tank – one inside of the other. This bladder uses the same amount of water, or less, but pressurizes it, creating a much more powerful flush.


A pressure-assist toilet costs more than standard models but will save you money long-term. Rarely do you flush twice of its powerful force, which reduces the need for repairs. It's a product that's built to last. In addition, you save hundreds of gallons of water each year due to less flushing - saving you dollars on your water bill.


These toilets are loud. Visit a restroom at your local shopping mall or hospital and you get a sense of the power of this toilet.

Overall, a pressure-assist is a solid option if you are getting tired of frequently clogged toilets and multiple flushing, especially if you are confident there are no other drainage issues in your home. It is definitely a permanent solution to keep things moving down the drain.

Need help with your toilet? Put down the plunger and call the experts at L.D. Smith Plumbing.

On the job: Rerouting a sewer line

There are many reasons rerouting a sewer line is needed: Consistent plumbing issues. Clogged drains due to obstruction such as tree roots. Construction on your property. The process doesn't have to cause significant damage to your property. Lance, owner of L.D. Smith Plumbing, visits a job site to explain one option our team uses when rerouting a sewer line.

The team at L.D. Smith Plumbing provides services to Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Contact us with questions about rerouting a sewer line or to schedule an appointment for any plumbing service.

Gas lines & Sewer line replacements in Indianapolis among the most popular summer plumbing projects

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The official start of summer is weeks away, but our plumbing experts are already busy meeting customer demand for popular seasonal projects. Here are our most requested plumbing appointments during the summer. Do any of these sound familiar in your home?
  1. Extra outside faucets - This one is very popular for customers with gardens and landscaping projects who desire to have a faucet near their work area to avoid dragging a hose across the yard. Check out our deal on outside faucets here.
  2. Drain cleaning and sewer line replacement - Tree roots get thirsty so they prey on the old underground drain lines when the weather warms up. Drain cleaning and sewer line replacement in Indianapolis is very common this time of year as customers call us about foul smells or clogged drains.
  3. Remodel projects - Summer is the best time for major home projects and, often, remodeling work includes plumbing. 
  4. Gas lines - Summer means cookouts. We receive frequent calls during the season to install additional gas lines. 
  5. Irrigation systems - Customers call us to connect irrigation systems to city water. 
Is a plumbing project on your to-list this summer? Contact us to schedule an appointment for an estimate.


How to Clean Out a Push/Pull Tub Drain

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