With families spending more time at home, you learn quickly if the toilet is not working properly. Maybe it’s multiple flushes to get everything down the drain, or frequent use of the plunger when things just aren’t moving. This is a common problem. In fact, an easy solution could be a pressure-assist toilet. These toilets are much powerful than standard models and use less water.

Pressure-assist toilets are often found in commercial properties, but they are becoming common in residential homes. Drainage systems can’t handle the current flow of standard toilets, which is the reason for the double, even triple, flush most people experience.

Unlike standard or gravity-flow, toilets, a pressure-assist toilet has a bladder inside of the standard toilet tank – one inside of the other. This bladder uses the same amount of water, or less, but pressurizes it, creating a much more powerful flush.


A pressure-assist toilet costs more than standard models but will save you money long-term. Rarely do you flush twice of its powerful force, which reduces the need for repairs. It’s a product that’s built to last. In addition, you save hundreds of gallons of water each year due to less flushing – saving you dollars on your water bill.


These toilets are loud. Visit a restroom at your local shopping mall or hospital and you get a sense of the power of this toilet.

Overall, a pressure-assist is a solid option if you are getting tired of frequently clogged toilets and multiple flushing, especially if you are confident there are no other drainage issues in your home. It is definitely a permanent solution to keep things moving down the drain.

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