Yes, Indianapolis is among the top cities in America with the hardest water. If left untreated, it could cost you thousands in plumbing repair and appliance replacement – much earlier than normal. Living in Indianapolis, you know spotty dishes, scaly build up on faucets and clogged plumbing are consequences of living in a city with hard water. It’s not a matter of IF the problem should be addressed, but HOW. Again, not investing in water treatment could lead to significant problems with your plumbing system, including water heaters operating inefficiently, which will cause heating bills to rise. This video shows the inside of water heater operating in a home without a treatment system.

For those who don’t like water softeners or live in a home not equipped for one, consider Flow-Tech. This is a saltless water conditioner. See a demo here.

Reversed Osmosis drinking water systems. These systems provide cleaner, safer drinking water in your home. It removes pollutants, lead, heavy metals and even germs such as e.Coli from your drinking water.

A water softening system is another popular option for homeowners who don’t want mineral buildup impacting their skin and other aspects of their daily lives.

The team at L.D. Smith Plumber is highly trained in water treatment systems. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss the best options for your home.