Temps are cooling and winter weather is right around the corner. During the coming months of snow, freezing rain and extreme cold temps, it’s important to make sure your sump pump is operating properly to prevent your basement from flooding once the ice and snow melt. How do you know your sump pump is ready this winter? Here are a few tips:

Check the age of your sump pump
Most sump pumps last three to five years. If your sump pump is nearing five years, please contact us for a check-up. The photo on the left shows the before/after of a recent sump pump replacement. Our experts can determine if your sump pump is operating properly or if it’s time to purchase a new one.

Look for warning signs
If the sump pump in your home is running shorter or longer than normal, that is a clear sign that it needs a maintenance check for a possible replacement. Another sign includes oily looking water or an unusual sound when the sump pump is running.

Do a quick check of your sump pump
1) Add water to the pit to ensure the sump pump is operating properly. Be sure the water activates the pump and turns off when the water evacuates.
2) Be sure water is coming out of the discharge line when the pump is activated.
3) Be sure the pit is clear of debris that could jam the sump pump.

We offer sump pumps of every size and feature the Pro Series 2400 backup system (pictured right) just in case your sump pump stops operating during a big melt this winter. Contact our experts today if you have questions about your sump pump.