Flash flooding in Indianapolis! How's your sump pump?

Sump pumps are working overtime due to the significant amount of rain we experienced last night. One of the most critical jobs of a sump pump is to keep moisture away from the foundation of your home. If it stops, water enters your crawl space or basement almost immediately. If you haven't checked your sump pump in awhile, this flooding event will be a test to determine its efficiency.

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Keep your basement water-free. Get a backup sump pump

Spring showers bring lots of rain and, possibly, potential flooding in your basement - if your sump pump can't handle the water pressure. The only way to feel confident that your basement will remain water-free is with a backup system. A backup system is your home's plan B option in case your sump pump fails. The system kicks in only during an emergency such as a power outage or if the sump pump just stops working properly. There are times when customers have unplugged their sump pump for different reasons and realized, upon discovering a flooded basement, that they forgot to plug it back in. A backup sump pump system would have saved them thousands of dollars in property damage.

In addition to your primary sump pump failing, here are other reasons to consider a backup system:

There is so much rainwater your primary sump pump cannot keep up and needs extra help. This is a red flag that your current sump pump may not have what it takes to keep your basement water-free during a significant rain event, especially if your home is located in an area with a high water table.

Your primary pump fails. Although there are several ways to detect early signs of trouble (read more here), most homeowners typically learn their sump pump is not working when the basement floods. Whether you decide to repair the old sump pump or buy a new one, this is a great time to invest in a backup system to ensure you have a safety net.

A backup system is less expensive than repairing water damage in your basement. The average cost to repair water damage in an Indiana home with a finished basement is over $5,000 according to Home Advisor.

A backup system includes an alarm to alert about any problems in the pit where your sump pump is located. L.D. Smith Plumbing also offers a device that connects to your wifi to receive alerts away from home.

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