Why is there a mound of dirt in my yard after a sewer line repair?

Your sewer line is repaired but now you have a tall mound of dirt in your yard. What is going on? Do you move it? Will our plumbers return to clean it up? Is the job finished? Having these questions is not unusual. There is a good reason why there’s a mound of dirt after a sewer repair. First thing to know: Don’t try to move it!

During excavation, the soil is disrupted, meaning all the minerals that have been compressed for years have become unsettled. Why is this important to the process? Settled, compacted soil adds stability to your foundation. All those small particles of stone, gravel, and other debris mixed with air and water compresses the soil to make it stable to bear the weight of foundation footings, concrete slabs, etc. 

Now that once compacted soil is unsettled with larger pockets of air and water between the particles, causing the surface to be unstable and not leveled. That big dirt mound we left in your yard is there to allow the soil to settle once again. 

Before we finished the job on your property, our plumbers took additional steps such as backfilling to ensure your yard is leveled once the soil is settled. However, it will take at least two months for air between the mineral particles to reduce and settle the soil.

If you are in a hurry to get your yard back to normal, you can aerate the soil (poking holes in the mound and run water through a hose to eliminate air pockets), but our recommendation is to let the mound sit. 

In addition, we offer landscape restoration services at a discounted rate if you have done the excavation with us.

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On the job: Rerouting a sewer line

There are many reasons rerouting a sewer line is needed: Consistent plumbing issues. Clogged drains due to obstruction such as tree roots. Construction on your property. The process doesn't have to cause significant damage to your property. Lance, owner of L.D. Smith Plumbing, visits a job site to explain one option our team uses when rerouting a sewer line.

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Gas lines & Sewer line replacements in Indianapolis among the most popular summer plumbing projects

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The official start of summer is weeks away, but our plumbing experts are already busy meeting customer demand for popular seasonal projects. Here are our most requested plumbing appointments during the summer. Do any of these sound familiar in your home?
  1. Extra outside faucets - This one is very popular for customers with gardens and landscaping projects who desire to have a faucet near their work area to avoid dragging a hose across the yard. Check out our deal on outside faucets here.
  2. Drain cleaning and sewer line replacement - Tree roots get thirsty so they prey on the old underground drain lines when the weather warms up. Drain cleaning and sewer line replacement in Indianapolis is very common this time of year as customers call us about foul smells or clogged drains.
  3. Remodel projects - Summer is the best time for major home projects and, often, remodeling work includes plumbing. 
  4. Gas lines - Summer means cookouts. We receive frequent calls during the season to install additional gas lines. 
  5. Irrigation systems - Customers call us to connect irrigation systems to city water. 
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