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Frequent Clogged Drains? Consider Hydro Jetting

A slow-moving or clogged drain line might need a different method than drain cleaning or clearing. Hydro jetting is a fast and effective method to clear the drain of any particles and residue sticking to pipes that continue to lead to clogs. Here are five things to know about hydro jetting and why you should consider the option if you have frequent clogged drains:

Hydro jetting nearly eliminates the chance of the clog returning

This is because of the powerful force water pushed through the pipes to clear debris and buildup such as hair, grease, and tree roots. Water is essentially sprayed through the line at a pressure of up to 4000 psi to remove the blockage, essentially pressure washing your drain or sewer line. This aggressive cleaning method flushes the line and removes stubborn debris left behind from previous drain-clearing methods. It scours the all the muck, harmful bacteria, and grime from the pipes, so they look nearly brand new.

Hydro jetting is a great option for frequent clogs

Most clogged drains can be solved with drain cleaning or drain clearing methods but if clogs continue to happen after these services, hydro jetting is a great option. If buildup is severe, typical methods cannot remove all of the minerals and debris stuck on pipes. This hard-to-remove buildup often causes recurring clogging and, at worst, sewer backups. If recurring clogs are happening in home in addition to gurgling noises, hydro jetting should be requested. A sewer camera inspection can confirm if hydro jetting is the best option.

Hydro jetting is eco friendly

Hydro jetting uses only pressurized water. No harsh chemicals make this method safe for the environment and not as damaging as other methods. Not only is it safe for the environment but is non-invasive. The hydro jetting machine requires access to your cleanout so digging is needed.

Hydro jetting is great for residential and commercial properties
This is a versatile method that is strong enough to handle clogged drains in homes as well as big jobs at commercial properties such as restaurants with a history of clogged drains due to food, grease, and debris. L.D. Smith Plumbing has the latest equipment to remove debris as stubborn as tree roots up to two inches thick. This method can also be used on all pipes.

Hydro jetting is a cost-effective method
Cost of hydro jetting depends on the severity of the buildup in the pipes but the cost is much less than ignoring the issue and using temporary solutions. Over time, hydro jetting will save you money long-term as you will no longer struggle with clogged drains, your pipes will be clean and fresh, eliminating frequent calls to a plumber or spending even more money on a larger repair.

Do you have frequent clogs? Request an appointment to review your pipes for hydro jetting services.

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