It’s finally happened in YOUR home. Multiple plumbing fixtures are clogging. There’s a sewer-like smell in your home that won’t go away. What are the primary culprits causing clogs in your drain? Tree roots, hair, normal sludge buildup, feminine products and toilet paper. Do you need a drain cleaning or unclogging?

It all depends if you want a quick fix or permanent solution?

Drain Clearing/Unclogging

Drain clearing, also known as drain unclogging, is an easy fix to this problem. You either take on this task as a do-it-yourself project or call a plumber to just get the water down. Plumbers who offer this service usually “poke a hole” in the blockage instead of cleaning it. The problem doesn’t go away, but it gets the job done temporarily.

Drain Cleaning

When you opt for a drain cleaning, the plumber completely removes the source of the blockage. As long as there isn’t a broken pipe, offset or a structural problem with the line, this should be an easy job as well, but costs more than a drain clearing/unclogging.

Which is Best?

Making the choice between a drain cleaning or drain clearing/unclogging is often based on your immediate needs. Often customers opt for a temporary solution when clogged drains do not affect their daily routine. If there are smells and frequent toilet or sink back-ups the need for a drain cleaning is more immediate.

While a short-term solution might be less costly, it’s important to know the blockages remain in your pipes and will cause larger problems over time. The longer you have the problem, the higher the risk for an even greater expense. There’s also a high risk of the clog causing problems at the most inconvenient time.

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