As the cold weather brings below-zero temperatures, it’s easy for pipes in your home to become frozen, if they are not protected properly. Pipes are most susceptible to freezing when temperatures reach 20 degrees and below. Here’s what you should do if pipes in your home are frozen:
  • Immediately identify the location of the main shut-off valve for the water and if it is operational.
  • Once the water is shut off, try to raise the heat and put heat on the affected area.
  • Contact us for assistance.
To prevent frozen pipes during the winter months, we recommend the following: 
  •  Let faucets drip.
  • If there are certain fixtures that freeze often, make sure to open the cabinet in that area or put an additional heat source near the piping.
  • Make sure those high-risk areas are insulated properly.
  • Make sure no water lines are installed on an exterior wall.

If you have any concerns about your plumbing this winter, feel free to call L.D. Smith Plumbing, your Indianapolis plumber!