As a homeowner, buying a new water heater is inevitable. And, like most large appliances in the home, water heaters break down without notice. Here are a few things to consider now before you need a new water heater. As always, feel free to contact Lance Smith, owner at L.D. Smith Plumbing, with any questions about replacing your water heater:

  • Size – Consider the size of your current water heater. Is it meeting your needs? Do you need a larger or smaller size? Read more here from our partners at Rheem about finding the perfect size water heater.
  • Type (tankless or storage tank) – Once you know the size you need, determine if you want a storage or tankless water heater.  If you have gas in your home, would it make sense to go tankless if you have a larger water demand? According to studies, gas-fired tankless water heaters are big energy savers. Our licensed plumbers can provide more information about the best option for your home. 
  • Equipment – Be sure your new water heater will have the proper equipment to protect it. Check the water pressure and consider having a thermal expansion tank installed to protect your new equipment from potential damage that may be caused by excessive water pressure or a thermal expansion condition.
  • Cost – Typically water heaters cost $1,300 on average. Many companies, such as L.D. Smith Plumbing, offer discounts on your purchase in addition to great financing options.