Some plumbing problems you simply cannot fix yourself, despite the number of how-to videos available online. If you encounter any of the following problems in your home and are in need of a plumber in Indianapolis, contact us immediately:
Gas smells – Not a good sign. Please call us immediately to determine the source of the odor and make the repair. Plumbers are responsible for repairing or replacing the gas distribution system from the meter.
The toilet isn’t draining properly – If you hear a gurgling sound when your toilet is not in use or it remains on after flushing, it could indicate a drainage problem.
Sump pump not activating properly – If you don’t hear the sound of your sump pump operating during heavy rain or wet conditions, or it doesn’t shut off, it may have stopped functioning. For a quick check, take the lid off the sump pump to view the water level. Call us if the water is near the top of the pit. That’s a clear indication you need to replace your current sump pump.
Strong odor in your basement or crawl space – It’s a smell so strong that you can’t ignore it. The smell of sewer in your home is definitely a sign that waste is backing up in your sewer line, a dangerous situation.
Abnormal water conditions – Hard water deposits, scaling, or even sediment in the water.